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Internal change communications project.

Shortly after commencing work with Davey Bickford, the company was acquired by Enaex. The merger gave us the opportunity to remind the team of their part of the success story of the company.


Trusted by some of the world’s largest companies, Davey Bickford Enaex (DBE) is proud to create customer partnerships that deliver innovative blasting solutions. Their powerful combination of technology and the best people in the world to apply it, sets them, and ultimately their customers, apart.


The initial acquisition by Enaex was extremely low impact on the existing team given that apart from a name, the change really wasn't felt on an operational level for the three years following the deal. It was then that it became obvious the band [sic] needed to be brought back together from leadership, productivity and operational perspectives. We needed to communicate what the changes meant for the team across the entire organisation both individually and as a collective.


In order to accurately evaluate and measure the project's performance, we utilised the annual staff survey we implemented in 2016 to gain insight and data from the team as to where the gaps were for them. By understanding the landscape from each individual perspective, across all roles and job functions, we were able to put together a high impact and meaningful campaign designed to educate, inspire and bring everyone together as a team. We then had some great benchmark stats to measure team sentiment following delivery of the project... and beyond.


Designing this rebrand required an understanding of DBE's customer base, competitive landscape and company priorities - and the people behind them. Once we had that, we worked to put together a plan that illustrated this vision by mapping out a path to make it a reality.

We did a deep dive with the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) to form the strategic foundation of our approach, as well as consulted with the wider team to engage everyone in the process.

Even before COVID changed our world, DBE's team was geographically dispersed, spanning not only all of Australia, but the globe. This meant engaging people at different times, in different ways across different media.


Our job became clear - we needed to align the DBE team and remind them they are part of the success story of the company. We needed to communicate the next chapters (and beyond!) and why the team should be proud to be a part of the new brand and how it will support the work they do.


When we distilled the information and added our marketing and communications lens to the process, we realised we only had to ask one question...



We built our implementation plan around these key ingredients:

  • Go beyond for each other

  • Go beyond for the customer

  • Go beyond today (career progression)

  • You have the power to go beyond and innovate (at all levels of the business)

  • Go beyond geography (what can I do to create relationships outside my location)

  • Go beyond my comfort zone, and let's;

  • BUILD 'GO BEYOND' into KPIs.


We delivered a range of tools, collateral and references across a coordinated communications schedule to roll out the GO BEYOND campaign across a geographically dispersed team. This included a mix of:

  1. Face-to-face meetings with the Managing Director who presented to the entire team at different locations

  2. All collateral to support his presentation, including the pre, during and post communications

  3. A brand kit for each team member (with a branded gift)

  4. Internal brand video

  5. Collation and curation of staff vox pops to support the communications

  6. Rebrand specific written content published on the website and through social media, and;

  7. Announcement media release (shared with the team prior to external distribution so they knew what was being communicated, first).

This approach gave us multiple opportunities to communicate and through different channels. The main aim was to take people on the journey and celebrate them as part of the (new) company's success.

To reinforce the messaging around people being at the centre of the brand/ business, we put together the following video which was used as part of the internal campaign. It brings together the concept of GO BEYOND while clearly placing DBE's people in the centre of the business - and their success.


As referenced above, we initiated a company-wide annual survey that went out to every team member in Australia from 2016-2020 (with the exception of 2019 due to the client's parent company running a global climate survey that year). We used the previous years' insights to see where our communications gaps were around the merger, and then tested again following the campaign. These are some of our results.

More specific details and qualitative feedback can be provided upon request.

Overall, the GO BEYOND campaign was the success it was due to a number of factors. This included:

  1. The unwavering support of the SLT to bring the campaign to life

  2. To the strategic schedule of communications throughout each phase of the campaign

  3. The foresight to commence the team survey when we did, so as to be able to benchmark our results again

  4. The creative freedom we were given to realise a campaign that would resonate across the entire organisation, and;

  5. The clever combination of insights, data, creativity and the HUMAN in our approach and implementation.

Thank you to the entire DBE team for six incredible years working with you - from the inside out.

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